Céline Vidal was born in Montpellier, France, middle of five in a family of Catholic intellectuals. She began painting at five and acting at nine, but set aside her passion for the Arts to study Sciences, for which she had a natural inclination. Céline is now a volcanologist at the University of Cambridge. She is also a practicing yoga teacher, and a student of non-duality (Advaita Vedanta). The desire to paint resurfaced in 2017, after she met her first spiritual teacher. But it was the experience of lockdown in Spring 2020 that fully reignited her oldest passion.

Céline paints her explorations of the nature of reality through contemplations of objects and meditations. Suffering from strong near-sightedness since the age of four, without eye correction she perceives objects and spaces with poor definition. Beyond the apparent limits of matter, another world appears, with infinite possibilities of sizes, shapes, and light.

In Advaita Vedanta philosophy, the experience of the absence of separation between all objects of reality is called Atman. The name Atwoman is made up to invoke the intervention of the creative feminine process, Shakti, that which is manifested.