21 June to 17 July 2021

Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge

Open everyday, from 10 am to 5 pm

I invite you on a journey into the heart of the nature of Being. These paintings depict my experiences during meditation, when the perception of the self is not limited to the projections of the mind. In Vedantic philosophy, the remaining sensed experience is called Atman, the essence of Being. British teacher of Advaita Vedanta, Rupert Spira, describes this as a call from Awareness that says ‘I am the light of pure knowing that shines through all experience. Stay with me’. In this deep meditative state, my sense of being a separate individual merges into the intimate feeling of being one with all things. This experience is cosmic, colourful and timeless.

I use natural sponges collected on the beach, and paint without eye correction for my strong near-sightedness, to prevent the return of the sense of separation and keep true to the meditative experience. When I paint, I listen repeatedly to a piece of music that resonates with the vibration of the experience. I invite you to listen to soundtracks whilst contemplating the paintings, and to immerse in your own experience of sound and image.